IAGS is a for profit project of RVSL Aachen that is dedicated to provide services of genealogy, consulting and training in family research in European and American markets.

Erik Andrés Reynoso y Márquez – President



Professional Experience: 17 years in total. 16 years in Genealogy, Nobility and Heraldry.
Fields of Expertise: Genealogy, European Nobility Orders, Heraldry.
Email: erik.reynoso@tiafgs.com
Phone: +49 163 5106093‬
Languages spoken:
German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French & English.


An Engineer by profession specialized in Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection and CEO of RVSL Aachen, Erik Andrés Reynoso y Márquez belongs since the year 2012 to the most ancient nobility institution of Spain as Señor Caballero Divisero Hijodalgo del Antiguo e Ilustre Solar de Tejada (Lord of the Manor of Tejada). Diploma in Genealogy, Heraldry and Laudatory Law by the Real Asociación de Hidalgos de España with an experience of 15 years in Genealogy, Nobility and Heraldry.

Author of the book “La Casa de Reynoso: estudio de un linaje castellano” (2018)/The House of Reynoso: a study of a Castillian lineage, book prologued by His Excellency D. Francisco López Becerra de Solé, Duke of Maqueda, Marquis of Astorga, Lord of the Solar de Tejada and Grandee of Spain. Member of the Castilian cultural association “Amigos de Reinoso” presided by D. Martín Rodríguez Rojo, Professor Emeritus of the University of Valladolid.

Has collaborated with several articles for the on-line magazine Numen: Revista de Excelencia directed by the Count of Bobadilla and in the blogs of the municipalities of Reinoso de Cerrato and Autillo de Campos.

He has an extensive experience researching European, American and Sephardim Genealogy and has helped many people find their roots and ancestors.

Erik Andrés Reynoso y Márquez is a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

And a proud member of GenAmi L’association de la généalogie juive (The association of jewish genealogy).

As a photography enthusiast he also uploads some of his photographs in Unsplash https://unsplash.com/@ereynoso

Books and Articles:



Dr. Guillermo Reynoso Palomar. Psychogenealogy.

Professional Experience: 43 years
Fields of Expertise: Psychogenealogy
Email: guillermo.reynoso@tiafgs.com
Phone: +351 928036138
Languages spoken: German, Portuguese, Spanish, English.

Lord of the Solar de Tejada since the year 2012 (Señor Caballero Divisero Hijodalgo del Antiguo e Ilustre Solar de Tejada. Libros Becerros II-10-80v)

Hi, I’m Dr. Guillermo Reynoso Palomar.

A family man, married since 1977 to my beautiful and intelligent wife Patty, who has supported me since then with optimism and joy.  I have three magnificent children, two kind and cultivated daughters-in-law who allow me to have an intercultural family (one of them born in America and the other one in Japan) and a cat. With my family, I have been fortunate to live in Germany, England, Malta, Portugal, and  America, in addition to having close contact with Latin America and Spain.

Our family business is a consulting company based in Germany and Portugal, has been founded in 1994 and today is lead by my son Erik, although I am still active in it.

About my career.

My career began when I was a firefighter by my desire to help people and at the same time I was a high school student.

Because of an unfortunate event I had to leave my medical studies unfinished and began working in a private company, there is always something good in the bad and so I began my career in the chemical company BASF in the area of Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Protection and Environmental Protection. 5 years after the chemical company BAYER hired me in the same areas as a corporative director of those areas. 

Finally, together with my wife, I founded an EHS Consulting company in 1994 which is now known as RVSL Aachen.

During that time I finished some studies, some years before I obtained in 1989 a PhD in Chemistry in the University of Cologne and afterwards I also studied Psychology in England and Psychotherapy in Germany.

I have specialized in Stress and Trauma-Related Disorders including PTSD and ADS.

The therapies that I have been passionate about are cognitive behavioral and especially Trauma-Focused Behavioural Therapy which I learned from the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt and Trauma in the context of Flight and Asylum from the University of Bielefeld, both in Germany.

I am member of the American Psychological Association, the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment, la Sociedade Portuguesa de Coaching Profissional and the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

I live between Germany and beautiful Portugal,and speak German, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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